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He was born in Stockholm in 1973.
He graduated from the School of Study and Practice of Photography (EMEF). He has been working as a photojournalist since 1992.
Up to 1996,
he worked at the «ICON Photopress» photo agency, covering domestic and international news
and feature stories, travelling on missions to the rest of Greece and abroad.
During 1996- 97,
he worked at the «ACTION IMAGES» Photo agency, covering domestic and international sports stories.
Sports photography has always been one of his main interests. Today, He works at the photo department of the daily national newspaper «ETHNOS», covering news and feature stories, as well as sports.
His photographs have been published in Greek daily and sport newspapers, various magazines, as well as the foreign press. Even thought he has been working as a professional, photography remains his favorite hobby, focusing on black and white shots as well as travel pictures, where he captures places and faces of the Greek countryside.



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