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Yannis Kolesidis was born in Athens in 1973. He studied at the School of Study and Practice of Photography (EMEF). He has been working as a professional photojournalist since 1994, beginning at ICON Photo Agency covering current events of domestic and international interest with assignments in Greece and abroad. Since 1997 he has worked in the photo department of the Greek daily newspaper ?ETHNOS? covering news in Athens and around Greece, in addition to continuing international assignments. His work has been published in the majority of Greek newspapers and magazines as well as in the foreign press. He has participated in many group exhibitions. The largest of these was ?Photoreportazin?in 1998, where his work, along with that of four other Greek photojournalists, was displayed in both Athens and the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki. Black and white photography and features are the part of photojournalism he loves most.



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